RRCA History

Supporting the Rocky Ripple Community Since 1948

The Rocky Ripple Community Association has been in existence since November 12, 1948 when the first organizational meeting was held in the home of Mrs. William Smith. It was voted on to call the group the Ladies Auxiliary of the Rocky Ripple Volunteer Fire Department. Their purpose was to assist the firemen and the volunteer fire department morally and financially. The first order of business was to raise money through a bake sale to buy a hose for the fire department. 

By July of 1950, a town hall had been built by local residents with money and support from the Ladies Auxiliary. Through the next four decades, the Ladies Auxiliary raised money to fund the volunteer fire department as well as provide social events for the residents of Rocky Ripple. By the end of 1989, and with the dissolution of the Volunteer Fire Department, the Ladies Auxiliary adopted new bylaws on February 6, 1990 and renamed the organization the Rocky Ripple Community Association. 

In March of 1998, the Community Association incorporated for the purpose of becoming a Not for Profit organization in order to apply for grants, increase revenues and thus be able to provide additional support to the Rocky Ripple community. As indicated by the mission statement, the Rocky Ripple Community Association’s mission is to provide social, cultural, recreational, and educational services to the Town of Rocky Ripple and its residents, and in so doing strengthen the bonds of civic unity and provide for the common welfare of all residents. 

The Rocky Ripple Community Association officers are elected by Community Association members to staggered three year terms. Membership in the Community Association is open to any resident of Rocky Ripple and there is no fee to join. Regular meetings are held the third Tuesdays of January, March, May, July, September and October at the Town Hall.