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Rocky Ripple Festival

The 16th annual Rocky Ripple Festival takes place on Saturday, September 26th from 11 am to 6 pm.

Artist booths for this year's Rocky Ripple Festival are filled, however, names are still being accepted to be wait listed.  Contact Megan Wright at or (317) 259-4352 to do so.

Click here to go to the application or click the ENews link below for more information about this year's festival.


The August Rocky Ripple Town Council meeting is postponed until Wednesday, August 19th at 7:30 pm to allow for all town council members to be present for 2016 budget decisions.

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ENews Will Now Share News from both Rocky Ripple Town Council and Community Association

As resources are very limited for both the Rocky Ripple Town Council and for the Rocky Ripple Community Association, we have decided to combine efforts and distribute news and notifications from both groups through the Rocky Ripple ENews.  We will also post town council information on this website. In this way, Rocky Ripple residents will have access to information pertinent to their town council activities, as well as community events and information provided by the Community Association, all in one place.

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Rocky Ripple Town Council

Find out what the Rocky Ripple Town Council is doing. Visit the town council's website:

Rocky Ripple Community Emergency Response Team
Rocky Ripple is unique in that we have our own team of volunteers that work to ensure the community remains in a state of readiness for emergencies and natural disasters. Click here for more information about the CERT.

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